Sydney Malawer, Wellness Consultations

Access the power of Chinese and Western herbs to help your body improve immunity, manage stress, and aid in recovery.

Because of the internet age we are living in, I am able to offer wellness consultations virtually anywhere in the world so you can have access to the power of herbs no matter where you are. During these sessions we will discuss your most pressing goals and develop a plan to help you transform your health through herbal formulas, natural supplementation, and lifestyle adjustment rooted in the wisdom of East-Asian philosophy.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: A wellness consultation given by Sydney Malawer - a subject-matter expert - is considered a lifestyle consulting service and therefore should not be treated as nor override advice given by a licensed healthcare professional in your state. Although Sydney Malawer is a licensed healthcare professional in the state of California, these wellness consultations are conducted as subject-matter consulting services that offer advice to clients on reaching personal health goals and are not used to diagnose nor treat a medical condition. Therefore any recommendations that stem from these consultations should be considered as lifestyle recommendations, not medical advice. To comply with the laws and regulations differentiating lifestyle consulting and medical practice, these consulting services will be conducted differently from the telehealth services offered by Dr. Sydney Malawer, DAIM L.Ac. If you reside in Arkansas, Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, or Texas, due to state law governing acupuncture licensing and scope of practice Sydney Malawer is unable to offer wellness consultations. To receive Telehealth services from Dr. Sydney Malawer, DAIM L.Ac. as a California resident, please refer to the Telehealth page. For more information on each state's law regarding the practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine, click here.